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Easily track and organize Issues, Projects, Inventory, and more.

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All Play No Work

Owning a home can be stressful and overwhelming.
Tackle projects, repairs, and maintenance one step at a time. Enjoy your progress as much as your plans.

Go for it yourself, or make it a party!

Invite unlimited co-owners.
Attach links, photos, documents, and more. Keep everyone on the same page.

Unlimited Co-Owners

Export Your Data Any time

Links, Docs, & Pics

Tools Built for Homeowners

And much easier and more fun than the alternatives.

Vs. Spreadsheets (Google Sheets, Excel)

  • Structured & Connected: Seamlessly view issues, inventory, and projects by area, status, and more. Don't waste time creating complicated logic to organize and link your data.
  • Effortlessly Collaborative: Share with anyone, and don't worry about finding or remembering specific links and spreadsheet names. Everything is easy to find and visible in a simple, concise interface.
  • Accident Proof: One wrong keystroke or misplaced delete button can ruin your spreadsheet. Keep things simple and structured with an application built for your needs.
  • Phone Friendly: Spreadsheets are painful to use on the move. Access your data on the move with a mobile-friendly interface, or enjoy a spacious experience on your desktop. No app download required.
  • Purpose Built: No need to re-invent the wheel! Enjoy software designed to help you get things done faster and better.

Vs. To-Do Lists

  • Focused & Purpose-Built: Your to-do list is full of all kinds of tasks and reminders, not just house work. Improve your home faster with a clear, concise list of action items for your house.
  • Organized: View issues and work by area, date, status, and more. All you have to do is walk into a room, and you'll know exactly what you to work on.
  • Collaborative: Instantly share with partners, spouses, roommates, and any one else that shares your home.
  • "How did I do that?": To-do items disappear as soon as they're complete. Use completed issues to help you solve problems in the future, especially by adding notes, links, images, cost information, and more.

Vs. Binders, Notebooks, or Pen & Paper

  • Instantly Available: Your information is available wherever you are. No need to go ruffling through closets, drawers, or notebooks for random pieces of paper.
  • Organized & Efficient: Find what you need with just a few clicks, keywords, or less. Issues are immediately organized by area, time, status, and more.
  • Collaborative: Instantly share with partners, spouses, roommates, and anyone else that shares your home - from anywhere. They don't need to remember anything other than their email.

Vs. Project Management Apps (Notion, Asana, Trello)

  • Purpose Built: Opinionated software helps you get things done better, faster. Features are prioritized for homeowners. No need to re-invent the wheel!
  • Easy to Learn: No learning curve or template tweaking required. Designed to get you up-and-running in minutes.
  • Organized by Area: The easiest way to understand what's going on your house is to see issues room-by-room. Get area-based views out-of-the-box with no additional configuration.
  • No Downloads: No more app downloads or updates. Enjoy an always fresh, mobile-friendly experience on the go, or a more spacious experience on your desktop.

Vs. Other Home Management Apps

  • Built just for homeowners: We're not here to sell you handyman services, home insurance, a new roof, or another house. Our app is built just for you and what you actually need. We have no customers other than homeowners.
  • All-in-one: We want to be the only tool you need to manage your home. No more bouncing between apps, spreadsheets, and notebooks.
  • In it for the long-run: We use Shiny Buildings to manage our own home. As much as we enjoyed life before buying a home, our goal is to keep owning a home (or two) for the next 60+ years until we drop dead or move to space. Our plan is to use Shiny Buildings for the whole ride.
  • Almost Ready for Open Source: We haven't flipped the switch on making our code open-source yet, but if you'd like to use it, just email us ( ) and we'll help you get set-up.


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